Over the last 15 years that we have been in the crossword business, the business has certainly changed a lot.

We came into this business rather accidentally, as avid solvers frustrated with the then unstable forms of online crossword publication and distribution.

We set out to build a better end-end system and we believe we succeeded quite well in that goal if one were to judge from the widespread use of our software and puzzle format. The regular howls of frustration from online crossword solvers facing crashing software with missing clues, corrupted files has become a thing of the past.

We learnt a lot over that time about the business behind it. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It was an eye-opener given the rather naive mindset we came in with. We interacted with some of the best minds in the business constructing and solving whose passion was matched by their wit and wisdom. We bore the brunt of anger from people whose worst came out when they were separated from their crosswords. We faced a lot of unethical (if not illegal) behavior from charlatans and opportunists who were in it for the money with very little love for the pastime. In other words, crosswords are like any other business.

There are a lot of thoughts on the Web for and from crossword authors, solvers, editors but very little about the business of it. Hence the motivation for this blog.

Guda (and invited guests) will explore and give their thoughts on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the business with an eye on the future than dwelling on the past. Comments are welcome but they will be moderated and kept relevant to the purpose of the blog.


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