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In search of sustainable business models

The previous posts made a case that the current trajectory for the crossword industry is in a direction opposite to where we should be going – to keep the art form alive and thriving. Assuming that we manage to reverse … Continue reading

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Evolving the crossword industry – why fix something that isn’t broken?

In the last post, I listed four categories for change in the crossword industry to move forward. There may be questions on many people’s minds as to what “move forward” means and why it is necessary. Valid questions. So, before … Continue reading

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Knowing the customer: Bordeaux or Two-Buck Chuck?

I find the analogy in the title apt and illuminating for several reasons: There is the equivalent of a Two-Buck Chuck in the crossword industry

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Crossword content differentiation – Is it a better hamburger or a more gourmet meal?

I will begin to look at some of the pricing-related issues facing the crossword industry by starting at the source of the value chain – authors and crossword content creation.

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Announcement: Free interactive crossword self-publishing service launched

We have just launched a crossword sharing/embedding service similar to photo or video sharing services. This service is extremely useful to author/publisher readers of this blog

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