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Publisher vs Aggregator: A case study

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of copyrights and patent protections of crosswords (and software), it would be useful to understand why the world of commercial digital content is in such a messy situation especially with what technology has enabled. I … Continue reading

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The dark side of the Crossword Business

Before I get to the copyright issues, a post on our initiation into the darker side of the crossword business which is no different than any other business – warts and all. The contents of this post will not be … Continue reading

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In search of sustainable business models

The previous posts made a case that the current trajectory for the crossword industry is in a direction opposite to where we should be going – to keep the art form alive and thriving. Assuming that we manage to reverse … Continue reading

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Crosswords marketplace – The inmates are running the asylum

Gordon Bethune, ex-CEO of Continental Airlines once remarked in reference to United Airlines -”The inmates are running the asylum.” If he had looked at the crosswords industry, I suspect he would have expressed the same sentiments.

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Crossword Industry – the case for a unified marketing effort

Another detour from the promised post in the series. As I started to write about solutions for branding and differentiation, I realized that I hadn’t made a clear case for the industry participants, who now live in their own silos, … Continue reading

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Evolving the crossword industry – why fix something that isn’t broken?

In the last post, I listed four categories for change in the crossword industry to move forward. There may be questions on many people’s minds as to what “move forward” means and why it is necessary. Valid questions. So, before … Continue reading

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Knowing the customer: Bordeaux or Two-Buck Chuck?

I find the analogy in the title apt and illuminating for several reasons: There is the equivalent of a Two-Buck Chuck in the crossword industry

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Crossword content differentiation – Is it a better hamburger or a more gourmet meal?

I will begin to look at some of the pricing-related issues facing the crossword industry by starting at the source of the value chain – authors and crossword content creation.

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What is a crossword worth?

The most appropriate question to start off a blog on the business of crosswords, surely? In the past, this was a simple question.

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